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Hello everyone. In the thick of the pandemic quarantine over a year ago I started a non-profit to raise funds for Projetos Sociais Estação Vida, located in Uberlandia, Brazil. This is an amazing NGO that promote childhood health and education as well as providing some job training.

The last time I lived in Brazil I did some volunteer work there and fell in love with what they're doing. Children from the under-resourced neighborhood can count on homework help along with crafts, dance, sports, jiu-jitsu, a computer lab, and more. Committed to sustainability, the community center uses solar panels for power and saves rainwater and 'grey water' for use on their garden, which in turn supplements the meals they prepare for the children every weekday.

There's a lot more that I could say, but what I'm really excited about today is that my non-profit, Uberlandia Development Initiatives, is now set up on Benevity. This means that if your company offers a donation matching program via Benevity, you can designate Uberlandia Development Initiatives as a recipient.

I've used Benevity in a couple of different companies, and what I like about it, aside from the match from my employer, is that contributions can be deducted straight from payroll on a recurring basis. I set up a small amount and let it continue every two weeks, and the donation adds up fast.

Uberlandia Development Initiatives is 100% volunteer based. Funds received go directly to the partner NGO in Brazil, less any required transaction fees. This is a 501(c)3 organization, and thus fully tax deductible. Committed to transparency and agility, we require our partner NGO to account for how funds are spent, but do not attach strings to our donations. If they have a project funded by it, we'll report that back. If some of it is spent on buying classroom supplies or food, that'll also be reported.

We want to provide uncomplicated, honest support to this grassroots NGO, understanding that they already have qualified people who know what they're doing, and just need resources to continue their great work.

Check with your company to see if it's set up with Benevity to offer matching donations, and if so, please consider a one-time or recurring donation to support community development and poverty alleviation in Brazil.

The Uberlandia Development Initiatives profile on Benevity can be found here:

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