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Our Vision

A thriving, empowered community where every child and family in Shopping Park has access to quality education, essential services, and opportunities for holistic development, shaping a future where each individual can realize their full potential and contribute positively to a globally connected, inclusive society.

Our Mission

UDI Brazil is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and development in the Shopping Park community of Uberlândia by providing comprehensive educational, social, and developmental support to its youth and families. We are committed to bridging gaps in access to essential services and opportunities, promoting the rights and welfare of every individual, and building strong, collaborative partnerships locally and internationally. Through continuous engagement, innovation, and advocacy, we strive to transform lives and create lasting, positive change in the community and beyond.

Our Story

With over 680,000 inhabitants, Uberlandia is the fourth largest city Brazil's interior region. The city boasts an impressive public bus system, a federal university, and various private schools of all levels, making it a hub for education and opportunity. What's unique about this place is its blend of urban and rural mindsets, creating a melting pot of ideas and cultures.

But among the many neighborhoods, there's one that stands out: Shopping Park. With a population of around 40,000, this under-resourced community has been forming since the 1980s. However, it was mostly disconnected from basic services, lacking access to water, sanitation, electricity, and asphalt. Can you imagine having to walk downtown just to do your banking or shopping? It was a struggle, but the community persisted, and over the years, it has seen some improvements.

Despite the progress, the community still faced many challenges, such as the steep economic gap prevalent throughout various parts of Brazil. In 2004, a group of people came together to do something to change the reality of the community. They formed the Centro de Formação Comunitário São Francisco de Assis, a community center better known as Estação Vida. This center provides a safe haven for over 150 children before and after school, offering healthy meals, educational opportunities, games, sports, music, and basic computing. With programming that includes martial arts and other events, Estação Vida reaches over 200 youths, providing them with essential opportunities for growth.

In May 2020 Uberlândia Development Initiatives (UDI Brazil) was established to raise the profile of Estação Vida. The goal was to provide a secure, tax-exempt means for people in the United States and around the world to financially support the community center. In December 2020, UDI Brazil was granted 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, and in April 2023, the organization made its first donation via bank wire to Brazil. These funds were used to install a system of security cameras to monitor Estação Vida, ensuring that this special place remains safe and secure.

UDI Brazil is committed to bringing opportunities for physical, social, academic, and emotional growth to the young people of Shopping Park. By supporting Estação Vida, we aim to provide them and their families with the means to thrive. We uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as our standard and vision for a better world. Join us in this journey to make a positive impact in the lives of the children and families of Shopping Park.

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