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Spring 2021 Update

The year since the COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful one for everyone at Projetos Sociais Estação Vida, our partner NGO in Uberlândia, Brazil. While the mayor had asked for public functions to be closed during lockdown, Estação Vida stayed open to continue helping, and the need was very great. Leoni Nunes, President of Estação Vida, giving an interview. With the pandemic and mandatory lockdown, no kids have been flowing through Estação Vida. While nearly US$20,000 was in the NGO's account, it was from a government grant and earmarked solely for the purchase of meal items to feed the children on-site. As such, they were forbidden from using it to purchase food for neighborhood families in need. Many parents in the Shopping Park neighborhood found themselves unemployed and struggled to obtain basic groceries for their children. Donations were received from different companies in the city to help out the struggling families during the pandemic, and at the peak 500 families were a

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